Wind Power

Wind Power Industry
  • Wind turbines are capable of converting a great amount of energy from wind into electricity. Countries like India or any region where energy production is based on imported coal or oil, using alternatives such as wind power will make them self-sufficient.
  • We have successfully executed our core activities on applications such as base frame foundation, Foundation frame to tower connection, tower flanges, main shaft connection to hub, gearbox, Front and rear main bearing and blade to bearing, generator casing, nacelle casing, nacelle yaw bearing, girder and rotor blade to gearbox coupling.
  • We deliver reliable controlled bolting solution with our equipment and services for all critical joints at offshore and onshore wind turbine grids which ensures efficient performance for long term cycle.
  • Tritorc equipment such as hydraulic torque wrenches, multistage bolt tensioners, torque multipliers and electric torque wrenches are preferred by the Industry leaders in the wind power generation sectors.
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