Pipelines and process equipment in the various sectors require timely maintenance, repair, refurbishment, and even necessary upgrades. ...
Companies increase plant productivity in complex exercises that are a masterpiece partnership of various disciplines. People with expertise in fluid dynamics, design engineering, logistics, personnel management and use of excellent equipment are used.
These exercises are called shutdowns, and they require immense planning. Engineers keep them well-defined with a limited scope. Their duration is to reduce the losses in productivity caused by a drop in product output of the plant.
Here, we shall focus on the On Site machining activities related to pipes during these shut down periods.
We shall focus on the methods involving In Situ Machining using highly mobile and flexible cold pipe cutting machines. These pipe cold cutting and beveling machines make it possible along with other processes to allow for pipeline upgrades and repair. This is done without bringing the pipeline or its section to any plant or machining site specifically.

The various cold cutting machines perform the following tasks to join two pipe sections or pipe ends.
- bevelling
- cutting
- flange facing for preparing weld surfaces
- Tube cutting and bevelling in heat exchangers
Pipe beveling machines have clamshell construction, swing bolts, and relative light weight to allow access in tight spaces.
Tritorc conducts rentals, and sales of automatic pipe cutting machines manufactured in house. We also have an updated design house to address the challenges of development and fielding of these industry proven machines.

Tritorc offers two variants of the portable pipe cutting and bevelling machines:
- Heavy Duty Pipe Cutting machine
- Lightweight & Slim Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machine
The machines manufactured have a split frame construction and can service various pipe diameters with varied wall thicknesses.
The machines can conduct pipe cutting and bevelling simultaneously.
Tritorc is a manufacturer of cold pipe cutting and bevelling machines & flange facers. This completes our tool profile for pipe cold cutting.
The flange-facing machines price that Tritorc offers you shall be the industry standard. One can be rest assured of the machines longevity in work hours operation. Tritorc also offers portable flange facing machine rentals and manual flange facing machines. You can reface, mill, bevel, square and counterbore the flanges as required.
The flange facing tools can also face heat exchanger flanges.
To service Tubes and pipes of smaller diameters and wall thicknesses Tritorc offers a line of tube cutting and bevelling machines.
When you ask us for a quotation, be rest assured of the best Pipe Cutting Machine Price. The deliveries are prompt and are completed Ex- Stock with excellent after sales support.

Tritorc's flange facing machines can handle all tasks with their sturdy design without fail.
- Serrated/ phonographic Flange Surfaces
- Machining seal grooves
While reducing shutdown time, experienced crews and reliable machines must carry out the needed process. Tritorc’s varied array of Pipe cutting machines are reliable Onsite or In plant and provide accurate results with precision.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Situ Machining

The location of process fluid pipelines is critically important in refineries and other processing plants. To move these pipelines to factories and fabrication plants to perform repair, maintenance and overhaul operations. To carry out these operations on site is the pragmatic and economical choice.
Procedure like the following can be carried on site with the space restrictions while maintaining complete safety with a spark free/flameless cold cutting operation:

  • Pipe Cutting and Bevelling for preparation of Weld Edges of a pipe.
  • Pipe Flange Facing to ensure proper gasket compression and leakfree pipe joints

Pipeline machining tools like Cutting and Bevelling Machines and Flange facing machines use pneumatic drives with standard in plant air supply, which is particularly useful in shutdown conditions. Electric motor drive is also available for operating these machines.

Tritorc apart from Cold Cutting machines, supplies allen tool kits, mallets, water/oil spray cans, and other relevant tools.

The Pipe Cutting and bevelling machines with flange facing machines for example are shipped in metal boxes with foam packing and shipped in a fumigated crate in compliance with all proper hygiene standards.

Outer Diamter mounted Pipe Cutting and Bevelling machines from Tritorc come in two variants:

  • TCSL Lightweight Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machines: 2" to 24"
  • TTCB Heavy Duty Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machines: 22" to 48"

Internal Diameter mounted Flange facing machines cover Pipe Flanges ranging from 50 mm to 3048 mm Diameters.

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