Offshore Industry

offshore industry
  • There is an immense global demand for energy from fossil fuel sources. As there are thousands of production facilities on the offshore continental shelf, the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry plays a significant role in drilling, producing and transporting oil and gas to refineries.
  • Our area of work with respect to the offshore industry includes offshore platforms, rigs, ships and underwater pipelines. Tritorc subsea bolt tensioners are manufactured to suit the demanding requirement of divers working in harsh subsea environment. We provide a complete range of subsea tensioners which incorporate the split reaction nut benefitting divers by saving time and by ensuring the fastest possible reaction nut engagement.
  • We have successfully executed our core activities on applications such as Flange Connections, Pressure Vessel Covers, oil transmission pipeline, x-mas tree oil rig assembly, riser jack, Riser Clamps, Hull Assembly, Sand Separators, Compact Flanges, Slug Catchers and Crane Bearings.
  • Tritorc equipment such as hydraulic torque wrenches, subsea bolt tensioners and multistage bolt tensioners are preferred by the Industry leaders in the subsea sectors.
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