Emergency pipeline repair clamp

Emergency Pipeline Repair Clamp


Tritorc Split Sleeve Repair Clamp (SSRC) offers emergency pipeline repair solutions which are economical, bolt-together fitting consisting of two halves which is designed to allow both temporary and permanent repairs to damaged pipelines. The SSRC clamp halves are joined by means of nearly tangential bolting, in such a manner as to produce a high integrity pressure vessel around the affected area of the damaged pipeline.


Primary sealing is provided by the highest quality molded elastomer seals appropriately selected for compatibility with the pipeline?s product, its environment, and the operating temperature range. The elastomeric sealing is accomplished via compression of two circumferential and two intersecting longitudinal packing seals, which, upon full compression, form a continuous pressure barrier. Seal material is retained in the seal grooves by utilization of a ?pre-compressed seal tension groove?design. This allows simplified replacement of the seals in the field thereby eliminating expensive factory seal replacements.



All our pipeline repair clamps are designed, manufactured and factory tested in accordance with ?Specification for End closures, Connectors and Swivels and ASME Section VIII Division 1&2.

The clamps are fully hydrostatically pressure tested to 1.5 x times the rated working pressure to check and prove integrity of connections and seals.

The clamps and fitted with 1⁄2?or 1?venting ports as per client requirements.


All our clamps are designed and manufactured to be installed on the pipelines without the need of specialized tools and skillset.

Installation, maintenance and seal replacement can easily be done by available field personnel with basic tool kits on site.


Shell and Side Bar:

ASTM A105, A106, A516, A216 Gr. WCB Casting or equivalent.


Standard / PTFE Coated Studs & Nuts: ASTM A193 B7 / ASTM A194 2H


Single die moulded or slit Nitrile rubber typically Buna N / Viton.

Special sealing materials can be provided upon request.


Red Oxide coating on the clamp body for Topside applications.

Marine Grade Yellow coating on the clamp body for subsea applications.

Cathodic Protection:

Sacrificial anodes are installed on subsea clamps.

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