The Direct Axial Tensioning of the Bolt or Stud has some unique advantages that remove the challenges:
- Residual torsional forces
- Friction related problems ...
Simple in construction, the hydraulic bolt tensioners provide a very high tensioning force to lengthen a bolt. The stretched bolt causes a gap to form and this can be used to tighten the nut in a new position.
The assembly of the components on the stud is easy. Tritorc's hydraulic tensioning tools that can be customized according to the Customer's requirement.

The factors such as the following are considered while modifying the tool:
- Inter-nut distance
- The pitch circle diameter of the flange
- The free space height available above the nut

High pressure bolted joints can be thus fastened together by overcoming the residual load with a trouble free operation.
The various types of hydraulic bolt tensioning tools are designed and built as per Industry requirements for a variety of applications. The variants include the following:
- Hydraulic Top Side Bolt Tensioners
- Spring Return Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners
- Multi Stage Tensioners

The tensioner can be assembled on the varied stud sizes and bolt loads in restricted spaces and high tensioning loads.

The Spring Return Tensioners use a return mechanism to allow for rapid tensioning operations and dismantling. Here, the hydraulic tensioner loads the cell piston to the original position quickly.
The two features that help the hydraulic bolt tightening machine to sustain high hydraulic pressure without load loss:
- The high strength puller bar made with heat treated special steel alloy
- Reliable load cell with its purpose built high performance seals

Additionally, a cycle counter to keep track of the tensioning cycles carried out using the particular tool. These assist with understanding the usage of the bolt tensioning tool and the maintenance required to keep this tool in optimum condition. Using a Tommy Bar remains a reliable and proven option.
Several features such as the following make the tool resilient and easy to use:
- Zinc Flake Coating to ensure corrosion resistance
- Heat treatment and accurate machining to ensure a long life of the tool
- A strap handle to allow for easy tool lifting
- An eye bolt for lifting heavier variants makes the tool easy to carry.
- Optional Gear Drive for use of Manual Torque Wrenches

The Hydraulic Tensioners are designed and equipped with industry standard features at a quality to price ratio that is unique. Usage ranges from pipeline flanges, heat exchangers, wind turbine joints, bolted foundation joints and bolted pre engineered buildings.
Complementing the Tensioners, Tritorc also supplies the necessary pumps, accessories, hydraulic hoses and other spares in the standard scope of supply. The machinery and equipment are supplied Ex Stock worldwide. Expect Competitive Hydraulic Tensioner Price.
Tritorc offers a warranty for the mechanical components for up to 1 year and supplies them ex-stock promptly worldwide. Controlled Bolting applications using Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners are a must using Tritorc’s Tools. We offer Hydraulic Tensioners Prices that are industry standard and offer the best quality to cost ratio versus any competitor. These factors combine to make sure that Tritorc remains one of the foremost hydraulic bolt tensioner manufacturers in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bolt Tensioners

A hydraulic Bolt Tensioner is a lifting cylinder like device that is used to grip the threaded portion of the stud or bolt using a internally threaded puller bar and use a hydraulic cylinder ram to push a puller which in return pull/’stretches’ the bolt. Once the bolt is stretched the gap created is closed by tightening the nut.

Tritorc Provides powerpacks that operate on a single phase electrical supply. Additionally, we provide air operated powerpacks for out tools that work on standard plant pressurised air supply.

Along with Tensioning Tools, Tritorc also supplies Tommy bars, A complete set of Hydraulic hoses with relevant female adapters and male nipples, manual ratcheting torque wrenches, etc. as required in a tensioning operation.

The Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners for example are shipped in toughened hard plastic cases with foam packing and shipped in a fumigated crate in compliance with all proper hygiene standards.

There are three types of Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners that Tritorc Offers

  • Spring Return Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners - 160 kN to 3200 kN
  • Top Side Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners - 234.4 kN to 5406 kN
  • Multi Stage Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners - 464 kN to 4000 kN

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