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Sugar Industry

  • Sugarcane is used as a raw material for the production of electricity, paper, ethanol and sugar. It is very important for the Sugar Industries to increase its efficiency by utilizing its equipment such as steam boilers, evaporators, air heaters, pans, economizers, cooling towers and crystallizers which needs to work in optimum level without failure.
  • Therefore, for periodic maintenance of boilers, sugar mill juice heaters, pans, etc. TSB & TCSB series Tube Expanders are used for rolling Thin Walled Tubes, Bottom Plate Boiler Tube and Top Plate Tube.
  • Apart from rolling out tubes, Tube Cleaning Machine, Wire Brushes and Cutter Heads are also provided for cleaning straight and curved tubes that are found in Boilers, Sugar Mill Juice Heaters, Evaporators, Air Heaters, Economizers, etc.
  • Also, bolting operations are executed on Sugar Mill base support, casing bolts, mill roller bolts, cane crusher and superior crusher flanges.
  • We have successfully executed our core activities on applications such as Boilers, Sugar Mill Juice Heaters, Evaporators, Air Heaters, Economizers, Pans, Sugar Mill Base support, Casing Bolts, Mill Roller Bolts, Cane Crusher, Superior Crusher Flange and Motor Gear Box.
  • Tritorc equipment such as Boiler tube Expanders TA & TAF3 Series, Sugar Mill TCSB & TSB series, Tube Cleaners, Flexible Shaft Machines, Cutter Heads, Wire Brushes, hydraulic torque wrenches and electric torque wrenches are preferred by the Industry leaders in the Sugar Sector.