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Hot Tapping & Line Stopping

Hot Tapping or Online drilling is the specialized engineering method of connecting a new branch pipeline to the existing piping system, pressure vessels, storage tanks or any other process equipment without the need of shut down / production interruption.

This method employs a Tapping Machine, a Full bore valve (typically know as hot tapping valve) and a Hot tap Fitting (Weld o let/Stub with RF Pad/Full Encirclement Split Tee) that is either welded or bolted to the run pipeline.

Hot Taps can be performed safely on most types of pipes, ranging from carbon steel to GRE.

The Services can be carried out on systems containing oil, gas, fuel, steam, water and many other line mediums with pressures up to 1480 PSIG @ 100℉.

Our services are performed in line with relevant industry standards - API and Shell DEP specifications


Line stopping is an interventional technique used to temporary isolate a section of pipeline, with a mechanical inserted and activated stopple head, to undertake maintenance activity or repair works on downstream pipeline. Line stops can be performed with permanent/ temporary bypass to enable continuous production while the pipeline section is isolated.

This solution prevents unwanted shutdowns and keeps critical piping and pipeline systems online during tie-ins, relocations, repairs, retrofits, and routine maintenance

Line Stopping can be performed on various piping materials and for a variety of media such as gas, oil, water, steam, process piping & sewage etc.

Type of Line Stops:

  • Pivoting Head Line Stops
  • Double Block & Bleed Line Stops
  • Folding Head Line Stops
  • Inflatable Bag/Plug Line Stops


Our Hot Tap and Line Stop Split Tees are designed to meet the requirements of ASME B31.3 and B31.4/8 with a 0.72 design factor. The standard tee material is A234 Grade WPB or WPC with A105 flanges. Other materials are available to match customer requirements and existing pipeline materials and design parameters. The tees are manufactured in accordance with internal as well as international quality programs and are compatible with major models of hot tapping equipment used in the industry. In compliance with most pipeline design codes, all pressure containing welds are 100% radiographed, where applicable.

    • Hot Tap and Line Stop Fittings are available in carbon and Stainless steel to high-yield stress materials.
    • Construction Type - Fabricated or extruded
    • Welded or Mechanical
    • Design standards to ASME and API codes
    • Completion plugs and pigging bars compatible
    • Topside and subsea use

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