Water Jet Cutting of Reactor for Orpic Revamp Project

Oman Oil Refineries & Petroleum Industries Co. (ORPIC) has completed a major turnaround involving installation of a new reactor for an existing residue fluid catalytic cracking (RFCC) unit at the operator’s now 198,000-b/d Sohar refinery, about 230 km northwest of Muscat.

The scope of work required the old reactor to be scrapped and demolished using Ultra high pressure water jet cutting. The components were required to be cut in parts and removed as specified by ORPIC.

Project Date:Dec’19 to Jan’19
Client's Name:ORPIC
Location:Sohar & Fahud, Sultanate of Oman
Value: $ 2,02,500/- USD


It is essential to generate a required high-pressure water jet with a high-pressure pump to bring the water to a pressure up to several thousand bar and directs it to the cutting head. Also high safety measures are concern while working with ultra-high pressure. There are various challenges to confined locations while cutting the cyclone pipes inside the reactor too.


TRITORC has overcame the challenge of mobilization for crews along with the equipments on a very short notice and has successfully executed operations of Water-jet Cutting with a pressure of 60,000PSI.

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