Dorman Long Engineering Limited was established in 1949. Dorman Long is a leading Oilfield Equipment, Structural Steel, Marine Structures Engineering and Fabrication Company.

Today, Dorman Long continues to play a leading role in meeting the needs of the Oil and Gas, Telecommunications Power and other heavy industries by providing a ready local supply of international standard products and services which previously could only be obtained as imports.

Shutdown Date:May 2020
Client's Name:DormanLong Engineering
Location:Bonga, Nigeria
Value: 30,000$


SNEPCO planned this major shutdown to maintain well pad’s efficiency and operational utilization after major shutdown in 2020. DORMANLONG ENGG. floated the Expression of Interest followed by Request for Quotations to selected renowned controlled bolting, cold cutting services companies including TRITORC WEST AFRICA. This shutdown project was also of strategic importance for TWASL to strengthen relations with DORMONLONG and to present in Nigeria Region for over 7 years now. Right after award, TWASL, started shutdown preparations to demonstrate that it always delivers the projects within schedule time and budget while maintaining the highest Quality and Safety Standards. This shutdown involved the activities of On-site Valve Replacements and repairs, pipe cold cutting and weld edge preparing and controlled bolting services for TWASL.

The TRITORC shutdown Scope of Work (SOW) involved a large number of such “Challenges”, in running plant and revamp plant but not limited to the following:

  • Cold Cutting and weld edge preparation works using TRITORC cold cutting machines of approx 50+ pipes.
  • Controlled bolting using TRITORC torqueing / tensioning equipments of over 200+ bolted joints.


TRITORC prepared detailed Task Risk Assessment (TRA) for following activities so that each worker working on these activities can understand risks involved:

  • Hot Bolting, Bolt Torqueing / Tensioning (Hydraulic & Manual) activities
  • Cold Cutting activities


While in parallel, the controlled bolting, cold cutting activities were divided between different teams which resulted in timely completion of works. A fleet of over 10 Nos. of Bolting Equipment, 5 Nos. of Cold Cutting Equipment was planned to keep running during the day and night shift which was achieved successfully without a single equipment breakdown.

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