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TRITORC has a progressing history of 25 years in the field of bolting tools...

A largely manufacturing based firm that we are, we constantly gear towards engineering the finest products available. Our R&D experts provide constant input with which we design some of the extensively used tools in the service industry.

TRITORC products are calibrated and certified at an in-house calibration facility that ensures torque testing the final products. Also the repair team deserves praise when it comes to tackling the maintenance issues making it easy for the customer. Our products are known for their superior quality, durability, robustness and flawless finish - "We bring Perfection and Innovation to the next level."

Since 1991 we have had a universal presence and our products have been well received. From the line of our tools to any special deigned tool requests - we make it all. Currently serving USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Southeast Asia, we are keen at extending our reach...

  • - Petrochemicals and Refineries
  • - Oil Exploration
  • - Power Stations
  • - Wind Power
  • - Chemical Industries
  • - Mines & more

For the past five years TRITORC has been extensively involved in the Service industry. We undertook several projects, and with our elite work force we have lived up to the expectation. And this is when we realize that "Service is in our DNA".

TRITORC has had a fair share of exposure & experience in the Service industry...

For the past five years we have been constantly taking up new projects and executing them with efficiency. Some of our major contribution is in the Oil and Gas sector serving the big companies in the Petroleum industry spread across Middle East and West Africa.

As a service driven organization, we value ourselves for our proactive nature of conduct. Our Experts on-site are swift at taking decisions and our work force is always on their toes when it comes to attending to problems. With an adequate work force of skilled workers and experienced engineers, and a line of certified & calibrated tools, we offer 24x7 services.

TRITORC Bolting Services offer:
  • 1) Flange management system
  • 2) Pre-Commissioning and Start up Service
  • 3) Asset Management
  • 4) Onsite & Offsite Bolting Services
  • 5) Bolting Software
  • 6) Cold Cutting

Backed by a team of experts that is proficient in various technical, management and customer service areas, TRITORC raises the bar in both Sales & Service industries.

TRITORC also provides Rental Fleets that are provisioned with the equipments, engineers and workforce needed to support a project. This is an added facility that works hand in hand with our Partner to Progress program.

"Bolting is a passion at TRITORC"
Push-Through pin for loosening and tightening. No Push-Through pin.
Pin has just to be pushed for loosening or tightening in the respective direction. Drive shaft has to be removed and the direction has to be changed for loosening and tightening.
360 DEG X 180 DEG swivels which can be rotated in any direction as per application irrespective of the other swivel. The swivels are connected to a swivel manifold which thus results in moving of both the swivels together in any direction.
Laser engraved Torque-Chart. No engraved Torque-Chart.
Patented Mono-body housing made up of Aviation material No patented body parts.
Maximum Torque range is upto 70000N/m Maximum Torque range is lower than 70000N/m
Body made of High Strength Steel. Body made of Aluminum.
Multi-Position handles provision. No provision for Multi-Position handles.
3 moving mechanical parts - less mechanical loss 5 moving mechanical parts.
"No Jam Mechanism" provisioned. "No Jam Mechanism" not available.