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Tritorc Bolt Torquing and Tensioning Services.

TRITORC has had a fair share of exposure & experience in the Service industry...

For the past five years TRITORC has been extensively involved in the Service industry. We undertook several projects, and with our elite work force we have lived up to the expectation. And this is when we realize that "Service is in our DNA".

Some of our major contribution is in the Oil and Gas sector serving the big companies in the Petroleum industry spread across Middle East and West Africa.

As a service driven organization, we value ourselves for our proactive nature of conduct. Our Experts on-site are swift at taking decisions and our work force is always on their toes when it comes to attending to problems. With an adequate work force of skilled workers and experienced engineers, and a line of certified & calibrated tools, we offer 24x7 services.

TRITORC Bolting Services offer :

  1. Flange management system
  2. Pre-Commissioning and Start up Service
  3. Asset Management
  4. Onsite & Offsite Bolting Services
  5. Bolting Software
  6. Cold Cutting


Flange Manager is a joint integrity data management program that ensures leak free joints. Recording and managing the information associated with the tightening of joints is a central issue of joint integrity management. Best practice guidelines such as that published by the Energy Institute & ASME require that joint assembly records be maintained. The purpose of flange management is to facilitate compliance with this requirement whilst providing an interface that is both powerful and easy to use.


Pre-Commissioning is a series of operations that need to be carried out before introducing the Products. The Pipeline is made Live for inspection purposes to jot down the maintenance required locations. The process involves pipeline cleaning, gauging, filling, occasional hydro testing, and a few more testing methods.


Asset Management is the financial systematic process used in deploying, maintaining, operating, upgrading, and disposing of assets in a cost effective fashion. TRITORC Asset Management assists TRITORC Partners and representatives with the guidelines and tips to manage their assets.


TRITORC Shutdowns & Technical support services inculcate project planning, design, engineering, equipment, trained technicians, IT systems support, Onsite / Offsite transfer, and project management of all bolting requirements from start to finish including the design of tightening procedures, advice on preferred equipment to be utilized, on the job installation and tightening, and post job reporting.


TRITORC Bolting software provides advanced support for any and every bolt tightening requirements. A truly user friendly software, TRITORC Bolting Software provides procedures and documentation required for multiple bolted joint projects.


TRITORC equips Cold cutting tools and the technicians required to Cut and Bevel simultaneously without initiating sparks in the facility. Cold Cutting reduces the chances in exposure to line content, it has extremely low chances of sparking hence it is safe in explosive environment, and it can be powered Hydraulically or Pneumatically.


TRITORC introduces a new TLM that measure and tracks Stud elongation in conjunction with standard torque tools. It manages multiple readings per bolt with window based functionality.

"Bolting is a Passion at TRITORC"