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Pipe Accessories

Tritorc Fixed & Folding Stands

  • Upto 1500kg load capacity
  • Adjustable height upto 48"
  • Option to choose from fix & folding base
  • Standard v head cover to 12" & larger v head covers 24"
  • Weight 8 kgs.

Heavy Duty Beam Roller

  • Options available from 1 - 10 tons
  • Covering range upto 60" pipe diameter
  • Easy installation on i beam
  • Can be used on stainless steel


TTSCC Series Single Chain Clamps

  • Options available to choose from Steel and CS.
  • Easy adjustment.
  • Different models covering range upto 72 inches.
  • Double chain clamps also available for heavy walls thickness
  • Larger sizes also available on request.

TTDCC Series Double Chain Clamps

  • Tritorc heavy duty double chain reforming alighment clamp.
  • Covers ranges from 10" upto 72" also available in steel.
  • Reforms pipes on both sides of the weld joint to schedule.
  • 80 and above wall thickness.
  • Heavy duty Jackbars are listed for the pipe range.

Scissor Clamps 1000 Series

  • Accurate pipe alignment of equal/unequal on a center line.
  • Easy operational hassle free & easily accessible for welding.

Spider Clamp 3000 Series

  • Designed for easiest and accurate alignment of short pipes/pipe to flanges/nozzles.
  • Easily locating areas for welding.
  • Self centering & available for stainless steel.

Spider Clamp 4000 Series

  • Consist of two separate clamps fixed on self centering shaft.
  • Allow independent expansion of clamps operated by Knob and result perfect alignment for pipe to pipe / pipe to Flange.
  • Also available for Stainles Steel spplications.

Elbow Spider Clamps 5000 Series

  • Two independent clamps is used for clamping flanges to elbows.
  • The lower expanding clamp has strong gripping feet which insert into the bend and are tightened by means of the knob.
  • Also available for Stainless steel applications.