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TRITORC Partner to Progress is a program initiated to support Entrepreneurs in the Sales & Service industry. We at TRITORC welcome organizations from around the globe to PARTNER with us and as Pioneers, TRITORC would lead the way for new Business opportunities.

Options available for becoming PARTNERs with TRITORC.


TRITORC introduces one of the conventional and globally accepted methods of Partnership, "Dealer - Principal Relationship". As TRITORC is always welcoming new Partners from any and all parts of the world to join hands in a Long Term relationship, "Dealer - Principal Relationship" is the ideal program.

  • - In this program the PARTNER receives a special Discount structure
  • - TRITORC will assist in Sales operations and Tender execution as and when necessary
  • - The Dealership is exclusive to the Region, and our sales executive will assist in joint visits as a token of support.


TRITORC is extensively involved in the Service Industry. "TRITORC Allocates, Aids, and Advocates the Service Industry." Equal Cost & Revenue Share is a program that has the sole purpose of supporting the Entrepreneurs in the Service Industry.

In this program TRITORC supplies and invests on tools & equipments. We provide an experienced Operations Manager & Sales Manager to execute and develop new prospects.

  • 1) In this Program the PARTNER is required to agree upon a Rental Fleet investment.
  • 2) They must provide space for safekeeping of the Tools & Manpower.
  • 3) They must provide VISA, Accommodation and work area for TRITORC Operation Manager & Sales Manager.
  • 4) Also they must allocate Man-Power for the Project and bear expenses for the same.


TRITORC Joint Venture is a program that brings the Local organization and TRITORC together where both organizations co-actively participate, become co-beneficiaries, and co-operate in executing the project.

This is a very transparent program where both partners are equally involved in the project. Here the Partners face a win - win situation with relation to cost & revenue sharing. Ideally when TRITORC Cost & Revenue partnership matures - it becomes Joint Venture partnership.