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Non Sparking Tools

We are one of leading manufacturers of non-sparking tools and will present you with this catalogue an extensive range of products, which can be taiored your special needs.

TRITORC Non-sparking Safety Tools are used extensively throughout the world in the following industries:

  • * Oil and gas, off-shore and on-shore
  • * Public Utilities - Gas, Electric
  • * Petro-chemical
  • * Grain handling
  • * Pipeline Construction
  • * Pharmaceuticals
  • * Tankeres
  • * Non-magnetic applicationns
  • * Flammable material manufacturing
  • * Aircraft and Missile Factories
  • * Explosives manufacturing
  • * Paint Manufacturing
  • * Armed Forces
  • * Shipyards
  • * Airports

... and many other where sparks are a potential fire or explosion hazard.

TRITORC Non-sparking safety tools can provide a vital extra margin of safety under these conditions. This margin could be crucial in protecting personnel and installations from disaster.

Features :
  • * Greater safety personnel and installations
  • * Strong and long lasting
  • * Comprehensive standard range
  • * Corrosion resistant
  • * Special tools made to customers own designs

When conventional steel tools are used in potentially combustible steel tools are used in potentially combustible or explosive atmospheres, dangerous sparks may be accidentally created by tools slipping or being struck against hard surfaces.

The only safe way to eliminate fires and explosions in hazardous environments is to make sure that NO inflammable materials are present when using metal hand tools. In practice this is rarely possible and therefore plant managers and safety officers insist that SPARK RESISTANT tools are used for low-cost protection.

For metallurgical and technological reasons it is almost possible to manufacture spark resistant tools to the same hardness etc. as high alloy steel. Frequent re-dressing to remove embedded particles of steel or other substances which could cause sparks is essential. Misuse must be avoided, e.g. extending the handle length of wrenches with piping or using air hammer tools as a crow bar.

All Tritorc Non-sparking safety tools in this catalogue are manufactured from Copper-Beryllium or Aluminium Bronze. Special precautions are to be taken when resharpening and grinding Copper-Beryllium or Aluminium Bronze. Special precautions are to be taken when resharpening and grinding Copper-Beryllium tools. Directions are available upon request.

TRITORC Non-Sparking Safety Tools are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship. Tools which fail because of misuse, intentional or unintentional, or for any reason other than stated above, cannot be replaced free of charge.

Instructions for use : Non-sparking tools have to be softer than conventional tools. For this reason the use of non-sparking tools has to be carry out with special care. Overstraining has to be avoid. The use of non-sparking tools must not be the only preventive measure in areas of fire and explosion risk. For an extensive protection of staff and equipping, please follow the instructions of your professional associations.

Follow-up treatment: If you want to make a follow-up treatment on the tools (e.g. resharpen) by yourself, we would be pleased to send you our technical instruction.

Guarantee : TRITORC Tools contain a guarantee against mistakes in material and producing. However, this guarantee does not include damages caused by an improper handling. We serve the right to any changes in material, workmanship and design without notice.

Double Ended Ring Spanner
Double Ended Ring Spanner
Double Ended Open Spanner
Double Ended Ring Spanner
Combination Spanner
Adjustable Wrench
Pipe Wrench
Wrench, Striking Box
Striking Open Wrench
Hex Key
Valve Square Driver
Hammer, Ball Peen
Hammer, Sledge (German Type)
Hammer, Sledge
Flat File
Half Round File
Round File
Pliers, Adjustable Combination
Pliers, Cutting
Pliers, Flat Nose
Slotted Screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver
Square Drive 1/4"
Square Drive 1/2"
Square Drive 3/8"
Square Drive 3/4"
Impact Socket
Impact Socket