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ID Mounted Bevelling Machine

On-site cold Bevelling improves safety. Easy set-up & Self-Centering Operation. Can be positioned in any direction feed. Ratchet spanner makes tool feed / back easily. Light weight and compact design. Electric or Pneumatic drive optional. Tritorc machines are Specially designed to suit the most critical applications with restricted access. These tools are rigid, however compact and light weight to facilitate portability and ease of use.

The TTID Series covers a range from 1" to 14" OD. Face tool head can be mounted either on electric or Pneumatic tool as per requirement. Ideal for on-site pipe facing, bevelling and weld preparation.


  • Easier assembly and self centering.
  • Ranges from 1 Inch to 24 Inch.
  • Positioned in any direction.
  • Light weight and compact.
  • Pneumatic & Electric drive option.
  • Interchangeable drives, Electric to Pneumatic & vise versa.
  • Inline feeding.

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