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TSL Series Hydraulic Torque Wrench Square Drive Type

TRITORC TSL-Series Light Weight and Compact Hydraulic Torque Wrenches are made up of special Aircraft Grade Aluminium alloys and designed to exert Torque on Toughest Industrial Bolting jobs to achieve precision Tightening or Loosening. Tritorc Hydraulic Torque wrenches are capable to achieve Maximum torque upto 70,000 Nm.

All our Torque wrenches have an accuracy of ±3%, all tools are calibrated and certified on in-house test bench in our facility. There is an engraved torque chart on the body of the tool. The reaction arm and coupling can be rotated around 360°, this allows the operator to position the tool body even in confined access applications.

The tool has an in-built anti-reverse reaction pawl, which ensure precise torquing, longer life and ease of tool release.The reverse position or loosening can be achieved easily by sliding the square drive.

TRITORC manufactures Simple, faster, efficient & reliable Hydraulic Torque Wrenches that are user friendly. The high strength alloy steel & controlled vacuum heat treatment ensures stronger drive components. Improved high pressure seal designs is suitable for static & dynamic applications.

There are -

  • Provisions for lifting tools/handle.
  • Standard spline design with torque effective length for exact PCD engagement of reaction arm.
  • High strength aerospace aluminium material for light weight & stronger body design
  • Scratch proof hard anodised body & reaction arm.